The supply of pure tube ice machine at HoaCuong, Danang city

Supplying the pure tube ice machine used in beverage industry with the capacity of 5 tons/ 24 hours in HoaCuong, Danang city.


Supplying the pure tube ice machine with the capacity 5 tons at HoaCuong, Danang

  • Pure tube ice used in the beverage industry
  • The stage of collecting ice and packaging
  • Pure tube ice machine
  • Iceis preserved in cold storage

You should be consulted before buying pure tube ice machine to meet your needs. NhatPhu Thai Company Limited will thoroughly support and consult all requirements relating to pure tube ice machine. All pure tube ice machinesmanufactured at our company have their detailed design documents. We are confident to bring you optimal products.
Please contact NhatPhu Thai Company Limited for advice to choose the pure ice machines suitable for your needs.


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